Need help with pattern...

I am knitting Spiraling Square Socks by Jenny Blackburn ( and am a bit stumped on the heel set up. The directions say:

"Heel Setup:
K7, turn your work so that the wrong side is facing, P34
(Note: Knitting 7 before turning and purling 34 lines it up for the top of foot pattern later.)
Spiralling Square Socks
"The heel is worked back and forth on these 34 stitches. Place the rest of the stitches on hold for now. These will form the top of the foot later."

I knitted the 7 stitches and then turned my work. As I started to purl on the ws, I noticed that it left a hole in my work - any idea what I am doing wrong? Don't you usually slip the first stitch once you turn your work to avoid making a hole and also setting up your working yarn on the right hand needle?

Thanks for any help on this!


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This is a common problem with sock heels. Patterns don't seem to specify this technique, but many knitters use a wrap and turn (W&T) to conceal the hole.

After you knit your 7 stitches, slip the next one from the left needle to the right needle, then bring your yarn to the front, slip the stitch back, and return your yarn to the back. Then you turn the work around and start purling. The bit of yarn wrapped around that stitch fills the hole.

Cat Bordhi has her own way of doing it that she says conceals the wrap better. You can see it here.

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I agree with Michael. Since the 34 sts are your actual heel flap, you can go ahead and wrap and turn after knitting the 7 sts. It will help you conceal the short row and make the rest of the knitting smoother. [Unless there is a pattern of yarnovers in the design, in which case there may be a perfectly logical reason for the hole; I didn't check the whole pattern.] Lots of luck on the socks.

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Don't worry about what looks like a little hole, because when you have knitted the heel flap you will pick up and knit along the edge of the flap and the hole will disappear. As you are not doing short row heels there is not even a need to wrap and turn.

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thanks guys! I will try the W&T and let you know how it works. The author of the pattern did respond to me on Ravelry and she suggested the same thing.

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I looked at the pattern after my reply. It is nice - I may even try it out myself. [Which will amaze my friends - I normally only knit my own designs.] Looking forward to how yours turn out.

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