therapeutic knitting

ive been having sleep issues so i talked to medical at work and they suggested i take up a calming hobby to help mellow me out. (i guess ive been wound a little to tight since my deployment) but any who yea calming hobby it was suggested that i try knitting which made me laugh because i had already been looking in to taking up knitting as a hobby. So i just ordered some yarn and going to try and make a Doctor Who 4th Doctor Scarf


more to come ill post updates as i go

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Good luck, be patient while you're starting out and your hands are getting used to the movements. It will become second nature with practice.

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Knitting can be a very Zen activity especially when you find the process at least as or more interesting then the finished prodouct. But even when it's frustrating it takes you out of yourself and away from the bad neighborhood between your ears. Enjoy and don't be afraid to ask us any questions you might have.

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Knitting can be very relaxing and it is very portable, any time I have to a few minutes I pull out my knitting and it may only be a few rows but my mind is on my knitting and nothing else.

I was tat the VA for tests on Friday and pulled out my knitting and got a good bit done while sitting there.

As has been said start with understanding the process and don't worry about the results.

And ask questions we are all here to help and have experienced the same issues.

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Knitting can be very therapeutic. However, in the beginning, it may be more frustrating!! But at least it is something you can easily tackle and overcome. Being deployed is something "out there" and it is more difficult to fight that.

Just take it slow and easy. It takes time to learn anything new. Find a group, or a class, and go for it. Concentration is good for the brain. And when you complete one row without mishap, THAT is an accomplishment! Nothing to lose by it either. Re-training is always good.

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Enjoy knitting and the benefit it generates for relaxation and calm. Most of the time, anyhow.

Seriously, despite a few frustrations, I enjoy knitting and it helps wind down a busy day. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here...we'll gladly help.

Best of luck.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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You may find, at first...because you're not completly comfortable with knitting, ...that it's not too relaxing...but in time, it will be a great help.
Once your brain gets comfortable with knitting, and the soothing, repetitive aspect...knitting will work wonders!

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CONGRATS on finding your way here. I too am a noice but it is very narcotic. Remember that repetitive hand motions create more calming beta waves in the brain. Knitting is very mind quieting. That is when your not ripping out rows!! PEACE


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Welcome Adam, you're among friends. And the Doctor Who scarf will be a good first project because you get lots of practice on just knitting over and over. I find that very calming, and now I can even watch TV while I do it.

There's a great Doctor Who support group on Ravelry with lots of specific advice if you need that. There are also a couple of web sites with patterns for all the seasons of the Doctor Who scarf. One is and the other is Both have their strengths and weaknesses; the first was once the standard but fell on hard times for a while and the other became more popular, but the first has seen a lot of improvements recently, so they're both worth checking out.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."