Completed afghan

Sometime early this year, I found a bag with three large balls of yarn at a second hand shop. This was most unusual -- normally, there are only odd balls left over from a project. But this was an entire kit, complete with instructions, and about 6" of it started, with the cable needle still in the stitches. I conjured up all sorts of scenarios of what happened and how this ended up at the store.

The price was right, but it was all in awful ackrillic!! However, I felt that a project begun needs to be completed. And it was thrust into my hands to finish.

So over the last few months, I worked on this among other things. The pattern in a simple chevron design, very boring to do, but was great for movie watching. The colours are not what I would choose for anything, however, at this point, I can't be choosy.

This is the whole thing laid out. I wanted to do a border, and as it developed while I was working on the afghan, I decided it really needed to be a hem. That was easy enough to do... but then I realized that the zig-zag parts can't be a simple hem. You need to knit the back side in reverse! Here is a pic of the hem, front and back.

So now it is done, and on my bed. I may make another, with better yarn, and this may be given to someone that would appreciate it. But I still wonder who it was meant for in the first place.

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Quite nice.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nicely done. That's a timeless design. Looks nice and warm. Just what you'll need for those Canadian winters.

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Hahaha -- yes, those cold Canadian winters! It has turned very cold so suddenly here. I have had my bedroom window open since some time in the summer, and have thought about closing it. I only have a light covering over me at night, and it has been fine (I'm hot stuff! hahaha). It was kind of nice to have the extra blanket these past few days.

We did get a bit of snow last week, just to scare us. And this morning, there was quite a bit on the cars. Some streets and walks are very icy. And it is bitterly cold! I decided, after seeing the warning from management about closing windows, that I had best close mine, which I did this morning before going to work. I was going to try keep it open another extra day, but gave up. Don't want to take chances! That is how the neighbour next door had the flood about a year ago, and made a mess of many of my boxes of yarn that got wet!

Winter has arrived. *sigh* I am going into hibernation now.

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I don't know - throw it over a cabage flower overstuffed chair in a plum colored room and I think you might have a little retro shabby chic going on. I love it, just tell people it's vintage acrylic.

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Thanks for that wonderful picture. I think we've all been there.

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Well done. I think the hem you put on was a great idea. My aunt made one of these for each of her 12 children. They are rather timeless!!

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Nicely done. Somebody's project got closure, whether they did or not. Looks like the kind of thing my gramma used to crochet. I do like the colors, whatever you think about the material. :-)

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Very '60's.

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