Bennett's next sweater - Johnny Boy

Good Evening All,

I've started the next sweater for my new grandson, Bennett who just turned 3 weeks old. ( I am doing 4 for this winter and glad they knit up fast) The free pattern is called Johnny Boy a web exclusive by Berroco using their sox yarn. I've substituted a German yarn Schafpate Baden - Wurttemberg "Opal" a pull over and sock yarn. It is 75% virgin wool yarn & a 25% polyamid.

Here are 2 pic of today's and yesterday's progress. I hope to be done by next weekend.

Regards to all my knitting friends,


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good looking sweater!
...and love your yarn choice!

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Very nice Sir, that's foing to one oasty baby this winter.

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Very nice work

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That is going to knit up just grand. I foresee a lot of sweaters in this child's future. Lucky Bennett.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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What a cool color pattern!!!