Updates Please!!

Small Town Knit Guy: Did you send the letter to Dr. Oz, and what was his reply?

Gregory Patrick: What was hidden in your picture?


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Yes! Spill, please guys!

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I think there's a tear in his shirt that is hidden by the knitting...it's just peeking out. That's the best I could come up with. And he's knitting with the lights off. That struck me immediately. I can't knit in the dark. If I'm in for a night of knitting, every light in the room is on as is the one I wear around my neck, otherwise, I can't see anything!

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Greg and Tom,
Letters were sent by my in-laws, Aaron Bush, and myself to the Dr. Oz show. As yet we have not heard any reply. It figures as they got what they wanted. I sent them dozens of pictures and they used the "most believable" ones for their show. Evidently to them no self-respecting male knitter would dare knit a lace shawl for his wife or a chemo cap for a friend who has lost her hair. Thanks for asking. I am sure that I will never hear from them again. But hey, I can say I was on TV on the Dr. Oz show because I am a man who knits.