Dr. Oz Updates-For those who want to know

Letters were sent by my in-laws, Aaron Bush, and myself to the Dr. Oz show. As yet we have not heard any reply. It figures as they got what they wanted. I sent them dozens of pictures and they used the "most believable" ones for their show. Evidently to them no self-respecting male knitter would dare knit a lace shawl for his wife or a chemo cap for a friend who has lost her hair. Thanks for asking. I am sure that I will never hear from them again. But hey, I can say I was on TV on the Dr. Oz show because I am a man who knits.


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Thanks for the update Rusty. The lack of response from the show is actually more disappointing than what they aired. If how that piece came across was not what was actually intended then some sort of acknowledgement of your concerns is more than appropriate. The silence so far certainly does indicate that they indeed got what they wanted.