Lopi Sweater finished. Pattern is Jon from Lopi pattern book 30 (i think)

Finished and blocked Lopi sweater, just in time. Flying to Iceland tomorrow for some R&R with friends. This sweater should be WARM, at least warmer than I'll ever need in Central California. It was a fun knit and really my first bit of color work of this size Yarn is the Lett Lopi yarn knitted on size US6 and US7 needles in the round, bottom up to sleeves, then sleeves are knitted and all are attached and yoke is completed.


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That is a very nice piece of knitting. I like the triangle and slanting rectangles with the color progression. Very sophisticated. Enjoy your trip and the chance to show off your new sweater.

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Beautiful. Great work!

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I would be proud to wear that sweater...it is beautiful. It will look great in Iceland! Wear it well and travel safely.


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Wow! That is incredible!

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Beautiful, masterful work! Congratulations!

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Absolutely gorgeous. It looks so comfy. When I was in Iceland people wore these sweaters everywhere. You will fit right in. Excellent work.

AMAZING!!! You did a masterful job with that! It looks incredible.

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Beautiful sweater, and I love your choice of colours. Have a great time.

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Absolutely stunning--- I have searched for the pattern and it is in Book 31. I am not able to purchase the book /pattern as no one will ship to New Zealand!!! Such a shame!

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really nice. Love the pattern & color choice.


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Very cool sweater, I love the pattern.

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wow. very nice work

we put birds on things

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thanks everyone. It was a hit in iceland and for iceland. It is VERY warm, not sure when I'll get a chance to wear it in California. I even got a few compliments while in Iceland while wearing it. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!