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Hello all,
As usual, it has been a couple of months since I've posted anything. But for once it is not for a lack of knitting! I've actually been getting quite a bit done nowadays and have ventured out into the wonderful world of lacey cowls, fingerless mitts, and even a halter top. More about that in another blog... with pictures, for sure.

Behind the recent fervor for knitting has been yarn shop owner and friend, Jenni Krosnowski. This summer I moved away from the sizzling state of Texas to the far more knit-appreciative state of Minnesota. I've been sent here to learn retreat ministry as part of my formation as a Franciscan. With all due respect, however, I'm discovering a greater interest in exploring the joy of knitting - now that I have more time for it than when I was in studies. And I owe so much thanks and gratitude to the Twisted Loop Yarn Shop!

Shortly after I moved here I happened upon the boutique nestled in the complex of the Prior Lake Library building. It was there that I met the fun and bubbly Jenni, an exemplar knitter and savvy shop owner who promotes the joy of the craft among knitters of all levels. She teaches several classes in knitting techniques and hosts a number of gatherings including: "Sock of the Month Club," "Knotty Knit Night," and the ever popular and informative "Knit Happy Club."

As the motto of the shop goes, "Sit, Laugh, Learn." Customers become part of the family gathered around the little black table, sharing tips, admiration, humorous anecdotes, and just enjoying the company and shared interest in knitting. Jenni's warm and light-hearted personality makes all feel welcome to sit and work on a project at her shop, even when room is scarce. She is also a miracle-worker when you're in a bind. Many a customer, including myself, have benefitted from her aid when something has gone awry. And she is an excellent guide and support to fledgling knitters - always affirming, always encouraging.

Though space is limited, she packs in a wide variety of fabulous yarns. I'm a novice when it comes to purchasing fine quality material, since most of my knit shopping has been done at either Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Wal-Mart. Here, however, I experience up close and personal delicious wools, merinos, alpacas, silk and mohair blends, cottons, hand-dyed yarn, handspun chunky weights, gorgeous sock yarns, dk weights, fun and funky specialty yarns, etc. Feeling and squishing the yarn is encourged. There is even yarn sold with the name of the very sheep from whom it was made written on the label. Said yarn is made from a delightful, local sheep farmer, spinner, and knitter who frequents the Twisted Loop and is known to sell equisite farm-fresh eggs there on occasion. Truly, Jenni's shop is about more than just making a purchase. At least for me, it has been about finding community. Visiting the Twisted Loop has been my weekly sactuary since I moved here. As a self-taught knitter, it is a blessed opportunity to learn new things that I never would have had the courage to try from Jenni and the other guests of the shop.

I highly reccomend a visit there to anyone in the Prior Lake, MN region. It is also featured on Ravelry, if anyone is a member on that site too.

Much gratitude this Thankgiving to all the local yarn shops and their owners that have supported us in what we love to do.


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What a wonderful tribute to a good friend and a fine knit shop. Thank you for sharing this and best wishes as you continue forward with your studies - religious and knitting.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hi Ian, good to have you back. How lucky you are to have found a LYS with such a friendly and knowledgeable owner.
Is silent meditation taught as part of your retreat ministry or do the Franciscans teach it generally? I tried to start a group in my parish and it wasn't exactly encouraged by the Jesuits there, so I stick to my Buddhist meditations learnt years ago. Good luck with your studies.