Noro & I are Old Friends

Good Afternoon Knitting Bros,

I have alway loved to knit with Noro yarns. Raiding my stash I picked a few Noro Kureyon skeins to begin a jacket for myself with mix and match color ways using up odds and ends and will supplementing new purchases as needed. I usually purchase Noro when I find it on sale and there is usually not enough for a full sweater. The pattern chosen is Joben from Jane Ellison's Noro Men. I am going to modify it in two ways. First I'll add a full zipper up the front and secondly I am alternating the 2 color ways every two rows. I am beginning with Color 149 ( I have 6 skeins) & 51 (I have 5 skeins). Here is a photo to show my progress since last night.

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving,


Just added another picture that shows the completed color way knitted out with the two yarns.

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I like the alternating rows of the different color ways. It is less obvious at first glance, which will make it all look like one colorway. Nice warm colors as well. I haven't used Noro yarns yet, but have done some reading about them. How do you like them to work with?


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Thanks. I absolutely love Noro yarns. This is the 7th sweater I've made from them. I've also used them many times for scarfs and hats. I love working with them.


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Looks great so far! I have also begun a stash of Noro (and just got Ellison's book so as soon as I get a couple of "practice" sweaters down; I'm going to do one! Looking forward to seeing the progress and the final sweater Rob!

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Why a "practice" sweater. Pick one and go for it right from the start.

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Gorgeous knitting. Those colorways blend together quite nicely.

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