Little Process, but still enjoyable.

So, I've been working on this "Dragonfly" 75% Polworth 25% Silk blend that I purchased from Huckleberry Knits. I've been spinning it out quite thinly in hopes of making a three ply. It's been slow going and occasionally I feel some impatience at my slowness until the part that is just enjoying the process and finding peace in the treadling of my wheel takes back over and just enjoys it.

From AKQGuy

This morning I finished the second single. Tonight, if I get a couple other items that I promised someone taken care of, I hope to get started on the 3rd. My goal is by the end of my next set off to have a beautiful 3 ply yarn. We'll see, and if the joy of spinning is all I really get out of it in the end, I'll take it.

From AKQGuy

As for other things, the poor Emmitt has had to go through two dressing changes this morning due to our fresh snow and now is ensconced in his Cone of Shame and a fresh layer of vet wrap. I think after having his dew claw removal wounds wet, cold, exposed to air and pestered with twice now, they're hurting him a bit so I keep catching him messing with the new set of dressings.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Stay warm, dry and safe.


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That yarn is going to be so lovely once it's plied, if it lives up to its promise. I salute your persistence in spinning 3 bobbins of superfine singles then plying them.

Give loves to poor Emmitt...even if he won't leave the dressings alone. Poor boy.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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There are process people and project people. Which are you?

I just enjoy the process of spinning without having the need of a finished item as the final result. A skein of yarn is goal enough for me. And later, when it has grown up a bit, it will tell me what it wants to be. But in the meantime, the yarn is all that matters at the moment. There is nothing more than that. I don't need a purpose other than I enjoy spinning!

And then there are those compulsive people that need to have a purpose for doing anything! They need to know what it will be made into. If they are so impatient, they may as well go to WM and just buy their yarn there!

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I think it is a beautiful yarn. If you can't ever figure out what you want to make from it, I know a very pleasant fellow in the Chicago area who would love to steal it away from you. Me.
Keep spinning!