Museum Meet-Up Vest design published

I'm really pleased with my latest design in Love of Knitting Winter 2012. They did a great job picking the model and styling the photo. You'll see the back in the second image, which reverses the mosaic and striped sections from the front, and adds a white stripe across the center of the black section to mirror the white section with black stripe.

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Yes they did a great job in picking the model ... Keep knitting, want to see more!
In all seriousness, great job on the vest. I am appreciative or more astute as I am doing a vest at the moment, a textured one that has me ripping every 2nd or 3rd row, ADD issues.
Great design keep up the good work


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That is a nice design and compliments the model quite well. Congratulations on publishing it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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My Winter 2012 issue of the love of knitting arrived in the mail today. Great vest. really great vest. It is spectacular. You must be so pleased. The issue contains two other great sweater projects for guys but yours will be the first I make. I love the bold black and white graphic design. If you would not mind sharing - how did you pick the name?


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Hey JRob,

Love of Knitting actually renamed the vest to Museum Meet Up Vest. I had named it Masquerade Vest, because the inspiration came while I was watching Phantom of the Opera during the Masquerade sequence, where the faces flip back and forth between black and white. The front and the back of the vest alternates between the mosaic section and stripes section, and between the solid black and white section. But I thought their name was unique and fine too.

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What ever it's called it's stunning. I think it will be my first project of the new year. The St. Louis Art Museum is in the process of a major expansion/renovation - the perfect venue for the first wearing this early spring.

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Go'ah-jus vest, go'ah-jus model. love it, love it, love it!