Completly new to all of this.

Hello everyone I just joined this site and I don't know anything about knitting. If I can get a little help please on on what tools to get and projects I guess? Feel free to ask me questions thank you very much l.

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Hi Eduardo,
I started knitting 2 years ago and found YouTube videos to be amazingly helpful.

I just now put "basic knitting for beginners" in the search box in YouTube and found a lot of great little videos which begin with how to hold needles and the yarn, casting on, and some first-first-scarf tutorials.

I am very enamored by the work that Staci does on She is painstakingly complete including teaching you yarn choice and a good choice for first needles, both of which you should be able find in abundance at Michael's where you work.

Here is the link to her first video for very, very, very new beginners.

Welcome to the craziness that is knitting. This site comprises the most helpful bunch of men that you will ever find. You will get no end to help, which, as a new knitter, is always appreciated.

Happy Knitting!



Wow thanks you very much, I will look that website up right now.

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Good for you, Eduardo! Knitting is a wide-open world. This website is especially helpful to guys like us who are into knitting. I started knitting 3 years ago. It's been an amazing adventure. I wish you all the best with it! Tom

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Welcome to the wooly world of knitters. Looks like Mark gave you some good resources so far. My only suggestion is after you get going and you figure out if you are a left or right handed knitter (it's not always the same as other tasks you do in the real world) try to narrow down video searches to left handed or right handed when able to. It's not always an option but I've found with my students, they get confused between watching their own hands do something and others when they knit with a different style.

Hope you have fun and we get to see how you develop as a knitter!

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Welcome, Eduardo. Enjoy the community here and know that we are all ready to help as we can.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.