Lopi Sweater -- Free!

Recently there was in interest in the lopi sweater featured in a book by handknitting.com in Lopi Book 31, #13.
I think it was Trevor who wanted to know if he could get the book/pattern mailed to his region of New Zealand. Sorry, Trevor if I have mixed you up with someone else.

At any rate, I kept digging and emailed the book publisher and after I heard that the pattern wasn't owned by handknitting.com, but in fact, it is owned by Isex and was only licensed for print by handknitting.com, I thought I'd check out Isex. To my surprise and delight, I found that the pattern is offered free at:


I hope this helps others. It was a fun little research project.



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Wow! Thanks so much for that, Mark! That's amazing that you found that. Thanks so much for all the trouble you took to get it. There's a sweater inside me that's waiting to get out. This could be the one... Tom

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Have you tried mineral oil?

I've missed you Albert.

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Gee, I missed you, too, Albert. What's up? Any new hat designs?

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Thanks guys and guyettes! Mostly knitting to give away these days. Been kind of withdrawn for a while- I think I was a monk in a previous life :)

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Good to hear from you, Albert. Hope all is doing great for you, regardless of being a bit of a hermit.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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So many men on this site have helped me so much that I get great satisfaction out of finding things and posting them for those who are interested. It's a simple and effective way of giving back...or perhaps paying it forward. :)


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Thanks for the link