Hallo, Bonjour:)

Hallo men, I am new. I want talk you good morning. I knit since I have 13 years. I want show you my last project. It's elephant doll for son my cousine.


Bonjour, Je suis nouvel membre de MenWhoKnit. Je tricotte depuis j'ai 13 ans. Je veux presenter mon recent projet. C'est peluche elephant pour fils de ma cousine.

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Le petit elephant est tres charmant.

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Welcome Maciek- your elephant is brilliant- a burst of color like a fireworks display! Luck boy who recieves this gift!

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Très bon! Beau travail. Votre fils est un garçon chanceux.


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Love the colors. He looks to be a very festive and happy elephant

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Very cute elephant. Welcome to our group.

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Welcome Maciek. I like your elephant.

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Excellent elephant! I love his orange ears =)

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I also love your elephant

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Świetna robota - i zapraszamy!