Dziergający Panowie//Men who knit

Thanks for comments elephant:) I do for my fanpage gallery "Dziergający Panowie it's polish "Men who knit". I give there photo men who knit with hook etc when he "work" ( If you want be a part that gallery can send me your photo with hook when you work:)


Merci pour vos commentaires d'elephant peluche:). Maintenant je cherche des photos des hommes qui tricotte pour mon fanpage galerie "Dziergający Panowie" (Hommes qui tricotte en polonais). Si vous voulez etre part de galerie vous pouvez m'envoyer vos photos quand vous tricottez.


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Great website. The knitting guys look like they really enjoy what they are doing. I love the picture of the little boy...his concentration is inspiring!


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Awesome photos!!

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C'est si bon!