Completed "Sweet Tomato Heel" socks

Hi everyone, I finally completed the socks that I started last month. I've
nicknamed them my Oscar The Grouch Socks because of the distinctive

green/brown colorway :^) While these aren’t the first pair of socks that I’ve knit, they are the first utilizing the Sweet Tomato Heel. I have to say that I loved knitting them. The process is very intuitive and simple. And it empowers you to confidently make small modifications to assure a perfect fit for your feet

I started out by knitting a test heel, following along with Cat’s video to make sure I understood how it worked. Then I read through the pattern once and after that I barely had to reference the pattern.

These were also the first pair of socks that I made two-at-a-time using one long circular needle and the Magic Loop method. I really enjoyed making them this way so that when I was done, I was done with the pair, no starting a second sock! The circular needle that I used was a ChiaoGoo RED Lace 47" (US 1). I got it specifically for this project and I really liked it. It has nice defined tips and the joins are very smooth, more so than my usual KnitPicks circs.

Oh, I almost forgot the coolest part! They have a rather interesting and unusual feature...pockets!

The pockets start about an inch from the top of the sock (you can see them in the first picture, too) and can be worn tucked in (as shown) or left on the outside of the sock. I tucked a wallet sized card in there to show how deep the pocket is and that you could tuck your ID or a few bucks in there! I only included a few pics here, but if you want you can see more on the project page on Ravelry. All in all I had a lot of fun making these and I must say that the fit is excellent! I can’t wait to start my next pair!

Take care, guys!



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I love'em. Great job!

Have a happy holiday,


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These are marvelous! I've knitted socks on dpns, never by magic loop. The pocket is ingenious! And I like the less bulkier heel. I'm no designer, so when I find a pattern, I will try a pair.

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Who'd-a thunk it!? A pocket in a sock. I love it. Beautiful knitting as well. They look nice and warm. I'm always looking for comfortable socks for winter hiking. I may have to get the book.

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Thank you, yes, they are nice and warm! I love the book for all the information, however there are definitely more patterns for women's socks than men's. But even if you didn't want to get the whole book, you can purchase single patterns.

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Love the tomato heels and the color ıs great. I got the Tomato Heel e-book but I haven't tried them yet, there's just too much out there to do. But you've inspired me, great work!

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Thanks! When you get a chance you should at least try working the heel on some scrap yarn to get a feel for how it's done. It makes it really easy when you do get to making your socks.

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Great work, Ken! I keep thinking I'll try the Sweet Tomato Heel but just haven't got around to doing it. Enjoy your socks.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks, I just started pair 2 tonight!

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I love the looks of the Tomato heel - I'm interested to hear how they wear. I love the reinforcement of a flap heel, that's where socks wear the hardest on me.

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I'm actually wondering how the heel is going to wear, too.But Cat has come up with a padded version of the sweet tomato heel and I'm going to try it on the pair I just started for my partner, Ron. This way we'll be able to compare how each type holds up.

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Keep us updated.