Cardigan, Just in Time for Christmas

My wife wanted a simple, plain cardigan with no short sleeves and no buttons. She requested grey so that she can wear colorful shirts underneath to jazz it up as her mood changes.

The pattern is Tweed Cardigan by Rebecca L. Daniels of Interweave Knits.



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KenInMaine's picture

Wow, very nice knitting. I'm sure she'll love it! Congratulations for getting it done on time, too!

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I am sure your wife will love it. Beautiful sweater.

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Great Job. I"m sure she will love it. I like the gray myself also.


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Quite seems to fit her request very well.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Mark, that looks GREAT!!!!!

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That is an awesome sweater Mark! Good work!