Mary Maxim: Angler's Pride.

All I have to do is whip in a zip, zip, zip and my new/retro jacket/cardigan is complete. I'm hoping to find someone more skilled than I in hand-sewing to put it in for me-- I've never done a zipper. But I might just give it a shot if I can't find someone or the price isn't right.

I *know* there are some of you who remember the many Mary Maxim "picture" designs of the 50's and 60's. The pattern I used is a recently acquired photocopy from Mary Maxim (they are online).

I used Brown Sheep's Lamb' Pride Bulky (a wool and mohair blend) and US size 10 and 7 needles. (The size 10 is a vintage Boye circular from the period.)

I plugged in a Cowichan/Salish style 3- part collar instead of knitting the one-piece solid (red) collar. Since I don't anticipate making a Salish sweater, I jumped at the chance to work the traditional striped shawl collar. Actually, the pictorial elements on back and fronts, the original collar and pocket treatments are directly inspired by Cowichan and Salish knits.


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Beautiful job! ...that looks very contemporary...not at all passé.

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Thats a really nice jumper. Good work! :)

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I love the sweater, did you have a pattern, or did you do it all from the picture? I would love to do one of these for my dad, a born fisherman.

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I called Mary Maxim company and ordered the pattern (800.962.9504 and ask for Debbie at extension 543). They have the old patterns archived and they ran a copy for $4.00.

The original they copied was a used copy: it has notebook-type holes in it and was a little miss-aligned , but was good enough to use. I got another pattern called "Hoedown" which features square dancers and musical staves and notes. Whoo-hooo!

BTW: If you buy their recommended bulky yarn, the pattern comes free. I passed the offer: it's acrylic and I preferred wool.

Trivia: Angela Lansbury as "Jessica Fletcher" in "Murder She Wrote" wears this pattern in one episode. It has white for the main color.

There's a Mary Maxim group on Ravelry.


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Wonderful. I love the retro look. It is great and looks well done. Have fun wearing it.


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My son and I were just chatting today about me making a retro sweater for him. Thanks for sharing yours with us. You did a wonderful job. It is inspiring.

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There's a lot of great designs from Mary Maxim featuring different animals and sports. The only problem is knowing what they have in the vintage patterns. I guess someone at MM could help you with their designs, but unless you can see a picture of the design....but you may be able to find pix of the design you want online.

One note: This line of patterns is very form-fitting. I knitted the largest size (44") and it fits perfectly around my 38" chest and I knit it to gauge. The sizes are garment measurements not the size of the chest.

You can see in in the old pictures that they were skin-tight on the models. I have also read that other people have had the same issue and one person had to add an underarm gusset to create ease and lessen binding.

Some of the designs are raglans and some are set-ins. The raglan would be an easier fit as far as arm movement goes.

I loved knitting the Lamb's Pride yarn! The pattern was challenging in several ways, but worth it.

Go for it!

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Awesome job!! That is just EXACTLY the kind of sweater/jacket I'd like to make for myself. What a beautiful job you've done! I'm blown away. Thanks for sharing that with us. Really outstanding!

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Stunning!! Forget about the zipper; you'd better have this artwork sutured to your body or someone will steal it off your back!

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Very nice knitting. I have a friend who used to knit these kind of sweaters all the time. One for my brother-in-law has a horse head on the back. His son now wears it for special occasions.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I didn't know people could actually knit such a wonderful thing as this sweater. I always thought that Santa delivered them and they were made by elves or Mrs. Clause. I am a little too old to get to your level of knitting having only started last year, but you are an inspiration and I agree with Albert, don't let it out of your sight and get some insurance on it immediately.


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I'm never letting it out of my sight and I'm never loaning it to anyone. Ever. (Sorry Mom.)

As long as you're still breathing, you can learn to knit better. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, so you're lucky not to be a dog, eh?

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Wonderful work! May it bring the wearer many a bite on the line.

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What a wonderful sweater!! Beautifully done!

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That is a cool sweater! Good work.