Spoiled and Love It!

My wife and son are so giving. I am so spoiled. For Christmas, they gifted me with a beautiful set of Addi click circular needles. They also bought me some additional cords, connectors, a couple intermediate-sized needles, and a cool collection of 101 Stitches on individual cards with pics and pattern, similar to a calendar.

You'll notice that one of the needle sets are missing. It's in a project already. They are so nice to work with. They are much lighter than KnitPicks nickle plated needles and they aren't as sharp, which pleases my fingertips! I still love my KnitPicks needles, but I the Addi clicks are quite a jump above them in terms of comfort.

A big thank you to my wife and son!


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What a truly wonderful gift. Now go knit your wife something gorgeous.

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What an amazingly the thoughtful gift. I'm only a little jealous. Ok, a lot! Have fun with them!

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Can you say jealous?

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How nice for you. I hope you enjoy the gifts very much.

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