Fair Isle

Finished a fair isle vest. The pattern is a combination of Debbie Bliss and my own design. I find fair isle such a satisfying endeavour

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It's lovely. Have you seen the book: I think it is called Fair Isle Camp? In my opinion, the stunner is the one that the guy knitted for his partner. (I did the little happy dance....the gay guy got featured, and his is the prettiest.) U rah rah, go team.

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I too enjoy fair isle and your vest is beautiful.
The colors are outstanding. I am working on a cherry red, medium and dark blue sweater for myself.
Whats your next project?


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Beautiful vest, Ron. I enjoy Fair Isle but haven't had a lot of success with it, except for socks, because I knit it too tightly and it never fits me. I am going to try again, I have a bag of the 9 natural colours from Jamieson & Smith in Shetland and plan to knit a sweater for myself.

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I have been makin a number of fair isle hats and am just beginning my first vest so maybe I can combine the two at a later date.


That is SOOOOOOOOO beautiful! It reminds me of Delft pottery or Wedgewood Ironstone. I want to attempt Fair Isle but I am a bit intimidated and don't know if I'll be able to manipulate more than one color. I can't seem to avoid being "all thumbs".
Great job.

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That is great! I want to try my hand at FI knitting. I'm inspired again now that I've seen your beautiful cardie.

My knitting is totally tubular!

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Thanks for all the comments. I am working on an Elizabeth Zimmermann baby surprise jacket with some left over wool and it is rather mindless and a nice change.