Yarn Meters

Happy New Year everyone!

Quick question for the MWK crew - which yarn meter have you found success with? There are oodles to chose from and each have reviews ranging from amazing to craptacular; so I am at a loss - but have LOTS of yarn I need to know the amount of before I begin a project and run out....again! Thanks all!

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I have the boye meter and it works pretty good as long as you can get it to suction to the surface you're using. It's also the least expensive one I've seen; it also measures in yards which is nice. I got the Nancy's knit knacks yarn meter from web's for Christmas. it's a little nicer, and comes with a clamp stand to use on a table which holds it down better than the boye meter. though it only measures in feet. You may also want to go the yarn scale route. that way you can weigh your ball and figure out how many yards per oz or gram you have, but that only works if you still have the ball band to tell you such.


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I use a 2yard niddy noddy and estimate an amount off for stretching of the fiber that happens during measurement. This estimated amount is a gut feeling I have with my fiber depending on it's amount of bounce and the amount of yarn I've measured. More bounce and more yardage equals more estimate taken off. I find it typically gets me within a few meters of my actual and I plan pattern usage accordingly always going with having a little extra yarn for what a pattern calls for.

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I don't use a meter. I just use math. If you have the yarn label with yardage and grams, you can weight the ball and figure out how much yardage you have left. Of course, handspun is a different story...I use a 2 yd niddy noddy.

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A little OT, but I've thought about getting or borrowing a good yarn meter to see if the label specs are correct. I've heard of people finding shortages..... even with the quality stuff.


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You can also use a fishing line meter which I believe is cheaper.