Son's Sweater Completed

After all the yarn breaks and frays that I moan about in an earlier posting, I finally finished my son's Christmas sweater. He chose the color and the plain stitching. It's only 4 days late, so not too bad. The challenge was making sure that the 20+ breaks/frays and ends of skeins were all woven in so they can't be seen. I am happy with the results. This is my first long-sleeved garment. I was able to join the yarn breaks in the areas under the armpits, so at least there they wouldn't be as visible as they might be dead center of the front or back.

This sweater took 14 skeins of 100% Superwash Merino wool called Swish Worsted Squirrel Heather from Knit Picks (yes, I have forgiven them for this batch of poorly crafted yarn). I used size 5 and size 7 circular needles and, as you can see it is a raglan sweater. I got the design from It's a sweater calculator that works with percentages. You plug in needles, yarn size, and guage, and poof! You have a sweater pattern. I only found that there was a one-stitch error which was very easy to fix.

I am attaching 5 pictures. Pardon my shutterbug excess, but I'm really proud of this. I even got my son to model it if I agreed to chop off his head before submitting it. The pictures aren't as clear as they might be because I wanted to get a true color and using a flash made it turn out gray.



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Bravo, Mark! Bravo for the knitting and bravo for dealing with that ridiculous yarn. Beautiful job in the end. Congratulations!

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Lovely work. You have every right to be proud of it.

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Congrats. I love the color. The pain with the yarn was unfortunate but a lovely sweater in the end and that is what counts. I am sure your son will be pleased.


very nice....but you should have bound off the ribbing IN PATTERN.
It looks like you bound off in all knit. Much more elasticity when both knit and purl are used. Just a suggestion :0)

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I tried a stretchy bind off, but it's not as good as it was touted as being. The cuffs may need to be lengthened , so your suggestion could be applied then. The next sweater will be bound off in pattern.


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Beautiful after all! Looks very soft and cozy.

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Wonderful knitting, Mark. You - and your son - are rightfully proud of the finished piece.

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I love the simplicity of raglan sweaters. I also like the color. I'll have to try that website. Thanks for the suggestion. I've only done one sweater and would like to try another soon.