Possum Shawlette & a Blanket for my Grandson

Happy New Year's Eve Guys,

Well the Possum Shawlette is coming along nicely. I just finished chart B and just have C and the edging to go. I should be done in time for my wife's birthday mid-January, no problem and will most likely be done next weekend. I love knitting lace. It always looks so complicated but in fact it is just a few basic stitches, k, p. yo, k2tog, ask and a s2Kpo. It does however require concentration and I usually knit lace at my kitchen table where I can layout the pattern and have excellent light. That said I can not do it while watching tv or talking with my spouse so I alway have another project going as well.

My daughter-in-law asked me to knit a blanked for my Grandson that could be machine washable and could be a boy's blanket to be drug around the house by him. I was thrilled - a request! I opted for an Ann Norling pattern called Garter 'n Brick and chose a Plymouth Yarn Company pro ducted called "Coffee beenz" from the Encore family of yarns in a nice oatmeal color. 75% acrylic and 25% wool, it is machine washable and tumble dry low. I started it yesterday as we watched Downton Abby.

Thought you'd all enjoy seeing the progress on these two projects that are bringing in the new year.

Happy Knitting All,


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Both projects look great! I agree with you about the lace...it's amazing that such complex designs can come from so few stitches. I love blocking a lace piece and getting to really see for the first time what all your time and effort has produced!

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I agree, blocking lace is such a rush of excitement. Something about stretching the wet garment and seeing the pattern materialize before you is one of the great joys of knitting lace. By the way I enjoyed looking at your blog today. My daughter-in-laws family has owned a cabin in Maine for several generations and they go there several times a year. It is such a beautiful state. Thanks for you kind words.


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Isn't it great to get requests? One can only make oneself so many hats, scarves, gloves, and things to put under things around the house...ah yes, and don't forget the ever-popular washcloths. The lace and the blanket both look wonderful; nice even stitches. I like the color choices as well.

I have only done one lace scarf in the feather and fan design and, like you, concentration is the key. Thankfully, that repeat was a simple one, but when I made mistakes, I was baffled as to how to go back and fix things. I used a lifelilne ever 14 rows or so.

Thanks for sharing the projects.


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Very nice lace and blanket. I hope they are much loved by whomever receives them.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Mark & Joe,

Thanks for the comments. I hope you both have a great New Year.


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They're both great pieces. Congratulations on both the request and the grandson. Hope the wife loves the beautiful shawl.

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I smiled when I read that your favorite spot to knit is at the kitchen table where you can spread out the pattern and have plenty of light. I too spend most evenings and daytime too in the kitchen at the table near an eastern window to knit. In fact I just had to replace the TV in the kitchen. Was time to update to a small flat screen. The old finally had enough and died for over use. Its my space to watch TV without the remote police flipping channels during commercial breaks and not returning soon enough to continue with the program I'm watching or listening to. I appreciate requests too. I've furnished every room in the house with an afghan or two, we have more hats and scarves and cowls and mittens than we will ever wear out and I have of a stash of BSJ ready to put buttons on when the sex of an expectant baby is born. Your WIP's look great. Thanks for sharing them.