A New Year and Question for All

Hello all who read this. Happy New Year. Aside from a scarf and mittens, I will admit I haven't done much knitting this past year. My focus has been on training/school at the community college getting a prosthetic technician diploma. I was a bit unsure of things at the beginning. But now I am glad I am sticking with it. Like any new venture, there are a multitude of new terms, tools, and skills to learn and understand. I have just one more semester of school left. I know finding a job will be the tough part, but I am prepared to pound the pavement hard and to move if necessary.
Right before Christmas, my local yarn store closed its doors after 9 years in business. This is very sad for me and all of the store's loyal customers. It was my go-to-place for hands-on help and real inspriration for new projects. My question is: which online sites do people like to buy their yarn, notions, and needles from? Any recommendations?
Best wishes for the new year.....Cullen


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I use ebay, goodwill, and estate sales so far as well as the local Walmart and Joanns. Someone passed along a nice site from Turkey to me last week with some great deals on Yarn too:


Word of caution, make your order count. The shipping is a little high.

For Christmas, Everyone gave me knitting stuff. Joanns, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Walmart, and a local "Everything is a Dollar" place have me well stocked up. I have not ventured into my double point needles or my Circular yet because I am still finishing up on Christmas.

If you do find some yarn at Goodwill or your local Thrift....PLEASE put it in a plastic bag for at least 48 hours. While everything I have purchase to date has been clean...but you never know!

I just won a huge thing of needles and am starting to repeat one some of them. If you need something specific and would like help, I am happy to keep my eye out.

I figure eventually I will get a professional set of interchangeable needles. But for now...I am happy with my finds :)


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I'm posting this comment as a customer only - I have no connection with them other than I've bought from them.

When purchasing online WEBS is a good source - see them at yarn.com. Also, Colourmart (colourmart.com) is a good place for silk, angora, cashmere, etc. (even though they're located overseas their shipping rates are extremely reasonable - better than some US sites).



I agree with the comment about WEBS and if you put yourself on their mailing list you get information about sales, special offers and close outs.

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Knit picks is another great site. I have to say webs does have some great things too. One other site I can recommend is http://www.discontinuedbrandnameyarn.com/shop/

hope this helps

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I've ordered from several places online, but almost always go back to Knitpicks. The price is right; they ship quickly; their customer service has always been good to me, and I'm happy with their products.

Grace and peace,

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Sorry about your LYS closing up.

Some of the places I like to shop for yarn and yarn related stuff online are Webs, Jimmy Beans Wool, Patternworks and knitpicks. Webs and Jimmy Beans always have some kind of sale going on so you're almost sure to find something. FYI, I'm not affiliated with any of the above-mentioned stores. Just a happy customer. :)

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Sorry to hear about your favorite store closing, Cullen. I, personally, am not a fan of mail order, unless it's a book or something like that. When it comes to yarn, I've got to see it and feel it before I buy it. Maybe I'm your classic "doubting Thomas", I don't know. If you still live in the Twin Cities, it seems to me there've got to be some brick and mortar options. Not that I can name you any from this distance but it just seems like there must be. Whatever you do, all the best with it, Tom