It's been a while since I've posted a FO... Probably because I haven't finished much of substance lately! Nonetheless, I did finally finish my eldest daughter's sweater (I knit each of my two daughters a sweater each year). This year, they're getting matching Wallabies (I think...) I just finished Sophia's today!

If you're a details person, you can find them at: http://ravel.me/teejtc/ttw1d

The saddest thing about this year's sweaters is that they're made from yarn bought on liquidation-sale from my favorite LYS which closed several months ago. I seldom got to visit it, since I don't live in SW Michigan any longer, but it's sad to know that they're not open any longer nonetheless.)

In any case, a joy-filled, love-rich and blessed new year to each of you! My life is better because of MWK and the community it creates!

Grace and peace,

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I like it!

Glad to see they have adult sizes in the pattern, too.

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That's actually one of the great things about this pattern - there's a size for everyone!

The other thing that I like is that there's absolutely NO sewing. The only thing that comes close is kirtchener-ing the hood and the armpits. Everything else is done either in the round or attached as it's made.

It isn't a fancy pattern but it's comfortable and stands up for the long haul, which is nice!

Grace and peace,

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Love it, where can I find the pattern?

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I picked up mine at a (now-defunct) LYS... it seems to be a fairly common pattern as I've seen it at other shops as well. You can buy it online at: http://www.paradisefibers.com/cottage-creations-w03-wonderful-wallaby-pattern.html (probably other places too.

The booklet contains the pattern for all sizes. The only bit of advice I'd give is to take the pattern at face value. Just do what it says and it'll turn out :-)

Grace and peace,

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Thanks for the info....just ordered the pattern.

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The Wallaby is a classic, Tim.
...made one years ago for my grandson...should do another...

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Absolutely great looking wallaby, Tim. Good thing you are knitting another for your other daughter...she would be so jealous otherwise. May you and your family have a Blessed New Year.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That is a very cool sweater. You did an excellent job! I have been eyeing a few hooded sweaters to make. You have inspired me to get more serious and pick one to make. Well done! Happy New Year!


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Sophia's gotten so big!!!
...and the sweater looks great on her!

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Almost unbelievable, isn't it?! She turns 7 on Sunday.

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My granddaughter is about to turn six...such a great time in their lives!

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I was beginning to wonder what happened to you, Tim. But I can see you've been busy. Beautiful work, really well done! Your daughter looks like she's enjoying wearing it. Beautiful job and beautiful yearly custom.

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Wow, that's an awesome sweater. Really nice job on it. Glad to hear that there are instructions for adult sizes, too...I want one for me! Ordering a copy of the pattern now...

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Lovely sweater. Best wishes for Rome.

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Nice Wallaby!
Brings back fond memories of my early trips to sheep festivals where I picked up the little book for this pattern. Loved knitting it. Very fun pattern.