Signature art needles

Guys, have you seen or used signature art needles?
They are the Cadillac of knitting needles! The reviews are Awsome!!!
They run 318.00$, for a set of circular's. I'm thinking of taking the plunge, and purchaseing. I would appreciate your input.
Thanks, -RJ.


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before you buy those...check out the ChiaoGoo stainless steel or bamboo sets.

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I really like the ChiaoGoo brand and they're affordable. Their braided metal and red wrapped cable I find really nice to work with and the needles and tips are wonderful on their lace line. I myself just can't swallow the Signature needle prices. It's a metal needle that a machine did most of the work making. Why should I pay that price? I save that money for wonderful fibers and still get great results whether I'm on one of my older sets of Birch Brittany's, bamboos or a newer metal (Hiya Hiya or cChiaoGoo). Now if they make them out of platinum I would consider it. But then I drive a Kia too…

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I love the look of the Signature needles. I have a set of Addi Clicks and of ChiaoGoo Exchangeables (if that is the word) I like them both, but ChiaoGoo is a bargain and great quality. The addis I have used for a while without any problems at all, so it depends on what you are looking for.

Signatures are a bit pricey , but some people really like them. You are bound by the length of the cable, unlike the inter exchangeable sets. Some people really like Denise Interechangeables.

I like Addis and CiaoGoo a lot, and would not think of buying anything else.

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I just started using the ChiaoGoo Red Lace needles and love them, so I would give them a vote as well. That being said I have never tried the Signatures and probably won't just due to the high cost. But if you decide to get them, let us know what you think...

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Hi Rick,
I have used the Knit Picks nickle-plated interchangeable needles for a couple years and really like them. I find it tedious, however, to have to screw the pieces together. This Christmas, my wife and son gifted me with the Addi Turbo Clicks and I really like them. Now, when I add a length of cable, it's a simple process, rather then screwing needles and cables. I also like the coating that the Addi folks use for their needles. I find that they aren't quite as slippery as the Knit Picks, and have a tip that is a bit more round/blunt.

I have never used the Signature needles, and probably won't because of the price. I also like the idea of buying interchangeable better than fixed-cable needles because I want to be able to add lengths as I move from a scarf to a sweater to an afghan without purchasing all the different lengths with needles "hardwired" together. I just went to their site and see that you can't get any of the US7 circular needles just now as they are out of stock.

Maybe you could order one size needle just to see if the difference is substantial enough for you to pay the $42 each. I also see that they don't offer needles larger than 10 in any type of needle.

If you do get them ENJOY! It's such a pleasure to add quality tools to your collection. In all honesty, I do have a few 16" circular needles from good old Susan Bates (Coats and Clark Co.) that I use when making hats. I think they were about $7 and they work great.

Mantra: Try before you buy!


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I would suggest checking out the knitpicks or knitters pride needles. I personally use one of their specialty size because I like the smaller size needles they tend to fit in my hand a little better. I have trouble with the larger needles tend to hit me right at the end of the palm and it gets soar. The smaller needles don't do that for me. Webs has a couple of different sets they sell and of course you have the knitpicks can be ordered from them directly.

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I LOVE my Signatures!! I've not bought a whole set at once though... I can only afford to justify one or two a year. A couple of the main things I love about them are: 1. The point! I really love having the Stilletto point, especially for lacework. It can make Nupps, far less painless on the P7tog on the WS of the work. Also, great if you ever have to unknit lace (which I do often!). The second thing I love about them is how the cable swivels inside the back of the needle (the official word escapes me at the moment.) To knit and not get all tangled up is wonderful. I'm not overly fond of the new cables (black ones) they seem a bit loosey-goosy for me, I liked the older white ones, but in life, all things change. My suggestion, get one pair in a size you used most frequently, give them a test drive before going whole-hog. you may find you don't like them. The Medium tip is good too, I see no use for the blunt ones. I tend to buy the longer cables because I do Magic Loop. Also, the first ones I bought were the 6" shaft, thinking it would be really great, I've since gone to 5" shafts, they seem to fit perfectly in my hands. - - Hope this helps! - - Kerry

I love my addi turbo interchangeable set. They're great! The other day I went to my favorite LYS to pick some things up, and I noticed a WIP sitting on the table. I asked the store owner if those were Signature needles, indeed they were. She then asked me if I would like to try them out, of course I couldn't refuse. So she pulled out a set from her bag and handed me a pair of straight needles with a middy tip and a ball of silk yarn, telling me to give em a try. I was impressed by the balance, weight, and the way they were engineered allowed the tip to plant itself so nicely into the stitch. I don't think I would buy the whole set, but I'm definitely going to get a few pair.

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The Signatures are pretty aren't they? The tips look awfully long to me. I don't think I would like having to push them so far to get the stitch onto the shaft and then pull it out so far. Maybe they just look that way in the pix, I don't know. But the two tips look interesting except for the tip length thing.

I'd like to have a set of interchangeable cable circs-- not having to have a lot of regular fixed-length cable lengths in the same size. I think I haven't really looked into it because of an impression I got from when I first learned to knit. The early interchangeables were hard to keep connected. I know they're better now, but that impression hangs on. I'd like to be able to try a pair out for a while and see how the newer ones work.

I have the same problem as you santaml with long shanks making your palms sore. The Signature needles look excessively long-- at least as far as I'm concerned. I don't need them that long.

I am a fan of Addi-Turbos. I don't try different needles once I have found a brand I enjoy, but I do see that I might find some I like better if I look around.

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My partner has the KnitPick interchangeable but he has to remember to tighten them enough or they come off. I had the HiyaHiya's which I liked but I didn't like I had to ensure I twisted them. So I purchased the AddiClicks which I'm very happy. The only thing I've found when I use the size 4 w/ a four ply the yarn can kind of "catch" as I'm knitting. But I've learned to work through it. I'm all for supporting my LYS and they do an excellent job but I was able to find the AddiClicks on Ebay from Hong Kong for $100 which is a big savings. Mine came w/ the gold cords so they are meant for the Asia market.