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Good Evening All,

Well the holidays are behind us, all the company has gone and it is just my wife and I at home. My oldest son and his family left first and then my parents returned to Florida and our youngest son headed back to university yesterday. We are alone and the house is quiet this evening and I finally had the chance to sit down and look at the books Karen gave me for Christmas. I love books. There is just something so pleasurable about hold a hard bound book in your hands and turning its pages one by one. Even though I read a lot on line and I am extremely thankful for the technology we possess, I cannot imagine a world without physical books. Because Karen knew how much I enjoyed the weekend we spent at Hill Creek Fiber Studio in Columbia Missouri this fall she gave me three books about natural plant dyes.

The first is Sasha Duerr's " The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes" - personalizing your craft with organic colors from acorns, blackberries, coffee and other everyday ingredients. Published in 2010 by Timber Press. She founded the Permacouture Institute to encourage sustainable design and education in fashion and textiles. She teaches at the California College of the Arts.

The second is a revised and updated edition of Jenny Dean's "Wild Color" - The complete guide to making and using natural dyes. It is an all in one resource for fiber enthusiasts and contains information on currently environmentally friendly dying techniques and more than 65 species of plants and natural dyestuffs. Jenny has worked with natural dyes for more than 30 years and a collection of her samples can be found at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage in Brussels, Belgium.

The third book is a fascinating project by Anne Virchon called "Colors" - What they mean and how to make them. Originally written in french it has been translated by Toula Ballas and published by Abrams, NY. It is a real scholarly work with assistance from the Conservatoire des Ocres et Pigments Appliques in the Luberon region of Provence, France. It looks at the primary colors and discusses their history in various cultures and societies. It is fascinating.

The last book is "The Color Guys" - Inspiration, Ideas, and brojects from the Kaffe Fassett Studio by Kaffe Fassett & Brandon Mably. Karen and I also quilt and have been fans of Fassett's quilts for some time and she thought I'd enjoy knitting with the color guys. It is a great book with many interesting designs.

Depending on your interests I'd recommend them all. Santa must have thought I'd been very good.


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Great assortment of books!
Your wife really did some searching...the "Wild Color" book looks interesting...and I love the Colour Guys...

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Thanks for telling us about your new books. I've just requested "Knitting With The Color Guys" from my local library through inter-library loan. (It's coming from Sacramento Public...San Francisco Public does not have a copy.) My guess is that it'll be here in a week or two. I'm looking forward to checking it out. It looks interesting. Thanks for pointing it out to us...