Finished some Baby Item

My sister had a baby boy on Jan 9th 3:29am 8.0lbs 21.5. I had just put down my knitting needles on the Hemlock Baby Blanket and she sent me the txt w/ a picture of Maxfield. The Football baby sack is was an easy and just adorable project.

Knitting Hemlock baby blanket

Knitting Hemlock baby blanket


Football Baby sack w hat


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Adorable... All of them, including Maxfield. Maybe mostly Maxfield, even if I prefer kids when they start functioning a little more on their own and begin to speak.

The lace blanket is wonderful but I have to say the football baby sack is just perfect. Have fun spoiling that newest member of the family.

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Thanks for sharing all the photos. Maxfield looks very adorable.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wow!!! What a beautiful round blanket!!! Amazing workmanship. Was it your own design or did you find the pattern somewhere?

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Here's the link for the football sack:

Here's the Hemlock Blanket link: