And the World Keeps Spinning

Silly Me, I quit the full time job thinking that I would have more time on my hands and who would have known that this is not the case? I had these high hopes that I would have all this knitting time now and unfortunately I was wrong. The part time job I picked up has been a handful but fun, oh so fun. I'm sure it will get old but refreshing old skills and learning new things always excites me. For those that aren't in the loop, I went PRN (as needed) at my dispatch job and only pull a couple shifts a month now and started working at a friends restaurant. I just wanted to pay my bills and relax, I won't go into all the stupidity occurring at the real job but I needed an escape but still needed a bit of money so here I am working for tips again. I'm sure in the future I will go back to the real world but until then, I'm enjoying myself.

I did manage to finish the above scarf late last night, block it while I slept and get some pictures of her this morning. This is my handspun fiber called Basket of Plums from Huckleberry Knits. I cannot say enough wonderful things about all the fiber I've received from Scartlet... If you're a spinner, go there. Ogle and buy.

I also finished up my Wensleydale fiber from Huckleberry Knits. I don't have any ideas for this stuff yet but I'm sure something will come. It's only about 200yards and has more of a handspun feel than my other recent yarns due to my trouble drafting it since I've never used this fiber before. I thought that was going to deter me away from liking it but it gives it a charm that truly appeals to me. I promise, it wasn't the fiber's fault I had issues with it. I was tired and should have walked away but I just wanted to spin.

Not being able to get a color true picture of it has reaffirmed that I need to make a light box for finished projects. There are some lovely teals in here you just can't see...

Now I get to dip into some fiber that a friend bought me for Christmas from one of my favorite shops in the whole world! Thanks Rocky Mountain Mens Knitting Retreat for introducing me to more addictions... A bunch of wonderful enablers.


ronhuber's picture

Gee, I like the colours in your new scarf. I followed your link to Gypsy Wool and discovered that everything is $999.99. Dollars or pesos?? hahaha Will check back later.

AKQGuy's picture

Well, I certainly didn't spend that much when I was there. Hippy chicks and computers...

It seems to be just their yarns that are messed up. Their threads and fibers prices were fine.

santaml's picture

Love the colors of your scarf and the spun yarn also

AKQGuy's picture

Thank you!

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I'm so envious of your spinning skills, and a bit envious of your break from "work work." Here's to a great time at the the restaurant for all.

I think I'm gonna destash my Wensleydale at an upcoming swap; there's something about it that intimidates me, and I just don't spin enough to feel any need to hoard it any longer. I'm interested to see what your skein becomes.

AKQGuy's picture

My spinning skills are not as great as that... I say keep the Wensleydale., it never hurts to play, you can only get better. And if you flub it, there is a Wensleydale sheep somewhere growing some more as you spin so have it.

I'm always amazed how much work takes over ones life. Here's to something that's a little bit... Less.

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Man, that scarf is golden! Infra-red and ultra-violet as well, but definitely and deeply golden. Your craftsmanship is peerless. And an inspiration...

AKQGuy's picture

Thank you very much. That pattern called to that yarn for me. It took me a good 6 inches to see what the yarn, pattern, and that sing song little voice in my head were saying but it is wonderful in the end. And that 75% polwarth and 25% tussah silk spins up like a dream and creates such a lovely yarn!

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Hey Quinton,
Great usual. Lovely scarf. What did you do to the edges of the scarf? What stitches did you use.

Bill's picture

I just realize the scarf has a beautiful herringbone/twill that pattern available?

AKQGuy's picture

It is this pattern.

The edge on either side is a knit on I-cord edging. Very easy just tedious due to length of work. You can also make it completely reversible with a simple alteration to the patter but for the first time in a long time I followed the pattern to the T. Oh wait, since it was mt hand spun I had to go smaller on the needles so added width to the body to make up for it.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Gorgeous fiber and scarf, Q.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks joe. Did you see Pat tear up a bit the when I gave it to her at knit night?

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

No...I missed that part of the evening. I arrived a bit later than I normally do but I think it was a great matchup of scarf and owner. Those colors will look great on her.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

mrossnyc's picture

What a great scarf! Love the stitch pattern!

AKQGuy's picture

Thank you kind Sir.