New Year's Resolution Already Broken

Good Evening Guys,

Well we are barely three weeks into the New Year and I've already broken one of my New Year's Resolutions as the attached pictures show. I had committed to use up some of my stash and not buy any new fibre until June. Well I have completed a few projects that did use up a few skeins in my inventory so that is good. But yesterday while my wife attended a quilting class I stopped in a yarn shop down the street and this is what I came home with. I keep telling myself the buying Noro Silk Garden at 50% was a good reason for giving in but how does that explain the two skeins of the Mohair Mountain Fibre I paid full price on. Alas I am just a weak fibre enthusiast with a hobby some would say is out of control. I currently have two projects on needles.

Happy Knitting All - I know that I am.


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Bill's picture

I think holding out for two weeks into the new very good!!!
...I certainly didn't make it that far....

Thunderhorse54's picture

I didn't make it that far either, and I have THREE projects on the needles. A sweater coat, a scarf and a sweater. We are all guilty.

Tallguy's picture

Well, if it's on sale, you really can't pass up a bargain like that, so that doesn't count as breaking your resolution. That is allowable.

Now, the full-price yarn, is harder to explain. If it was to finish a project you already started, that is okay. Or it will be added to a project just to add that something extra, is okay too.

But if you only bought it with nothing particular in mind, I think you are out of luck there! We have to have rules, you know.

scottly's picture

Why would you would you ever make such a heinous resolution!?!