A Couple Manshawls

Hey Guys! It's been a while, I know! I'm doing well, though, nestled up in Pennsylvania now and still enjoying knitting any chance I get.

I know in the past the topic of manshawls has cropped up in different ways. While some people feel insecure about the term, I am not one of those guys. In fact, I daily wear shawls (or dare I say "shawlettes"?), and it seems to work alright for me. During my absence, though, I knit two shawl-things that I thought you guys might particularly enjoy seeing.

2013-01-25 16.46.08

Just this week I finished a manshawl - the kind you can really wrap up in. It's Anne Hanson's Hypotenuse shawl, which she designed at least partly with us guys in mind. It's knit up in Briar Rose Fibers 4th of July, which seems appropriate since Anne has a special fondness for Briar Rose Fibers. Okay, it's difficult not to have a particular fondness for this yarn. The yarn was part of a gift from some of you at a past MSKR, so a special thanks to you for helping to keep me warm! You don't know how grateful I am for your generosity!

2013-01-25 16.45.58

The colors look kinda dark and drab (real manly, right?) until you get up close, then you see a gorgeous blend of purple and green. I love it. Thanks again, guys!


On the topic of manshawls, I figure it would be appropriate to share with you one that I knit up for a friend's father who is residing in a nursing home. She wanted something to keep his shoulders warm. Seeing firsthand how laundering happens at nursing homes, I went for a 75/25 acrylic/wool blend. Blocking became tricky, as did curling with such an expanse of stockinette; in addition, the sheer length surprised me. I solved the problem by folding it upon itself and adding a border to join the edges. The result is a super-cozy, squooshy wrap that sits nicely over the shoulders and should keep even an elderly man reasonably warm. Of course, I went for guy-friendly colors, though if you end up knitting one for me someday, I'm willing to be more adventurous. :)

manshawl steamed 1

Hugs all around, and happy knitting!


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Most bodacious, altogether! I especially like the "manshawl steamed 1" "Hella manly," as the kids say these days. Really nice work, Willy. Y'all don't be a stranger!

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Willy, you look wonderful!

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I love the manshawl, and, while I am not so familiar with the term or it's reputation, I think it is most fitting. I'm currently working on one as well - Earth & Sky by Stephen West. I wasn't sure what to call what I was making - a big triangular scarf? - but I think manshawl is perfect. The one for your friend's father is classy and surely a much appreciated gift.

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I like Stephen West's patterns, what colours are you using for Earth & Sky?

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Blue, green and white.

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Good to see you again, Willy. The shawls look grand and I really like the subtle color changes in the Briar Rose yarn. Hmmm...maybe I need to knit one of those for myself. Take care.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Good to see you Willy, and love your Hytotenuse, I've been thinking of knitting it for years.

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Very beautiful scarves Willy. I love them both!


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Thanks for the love, guys! I just saw the daughter of the manshawl recipient, and it sounds like it's been perfect for his needs and gets a lot of use. She commented that the light weight is great, since he cannot handle anything heavy, and it stays over his shoulders when he's sitting up. He can't move his arms at all, so when he is lying down, he has one of the nurses' aides lay the shawl across his chest. It feels great to know that it has been a real help to him!

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The manshawls are wonderful, Willie. Because of the way the pattern works, it almost seems that the first one is animated, or flowing in waves. I like that a lot. The shawl for your friend's father is very striking. I like the color choice and the border makes good sense. Well done. Very nice workmanship.