Jeny's Metamorph Moebius Cowl (Video and Pattern)

Hi guys! I came across this video last night and I'm pretty intrigued. Jeny (who came up with Jeny's Suprisingly Stretchy Bind Off) has made a cowl that when double and buttoned goes from being a straight tube to a moebius. And depending on how it is buttoned more twist is added, making it more snug and therefore warmer to wear. It's a really amazing winter accessory and would be perfect for someone like myself who isn't the biggest fan of wearing a scarf. I like what they do, but they're always flapping around and getting caught on stuff! So I think I'll be trying one in an earthy color, maybe with some nice wooden buttons.

For the link to the free pattern on Ravelry, click here. And you can watch the video below in which Jeny goes over what a moebius is and the different shapes the cowl can take. Curious to know what you all think! Is this something you would make? Maybe a KAL is in order?


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That is fascinating. I would never have guessed that such a simple change would create such an effect. I think that may be my next project - as it seems quite simple and gives a cool effect. Thanks for posting.

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...have to try it.
Thank you for finding and posting that!

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Hi Ken,
Thanks for sharing that. I would enjoy taking a class with here. Not only is she brilliant, but here presentation demeanor is very pleasant and makes a person feel comfortable learning. Kudos to her as well.

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...after reading through the pattern...Love it...and think I may have to learn to do Brioche stitch...I have the book...
(..too may projects going right now...)

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Wow! I'm sure there's a math person out there for whom this is not surprising or brilliant... to me this is incredible!

Grace and peace,