Baby Sweater Attempted!

Well, I decided that the "big" sweater I'm working on isn't moving fast enough - so I put it down for a few days and attempted a baby sweater pattern I got in palm springs - remember, I'm the one who doesn't know how to read patterns, right? well, I did it! I'm very proud of the fact that the sleeves are the same size, and although I still "interpreted" lots of the pattern, it actually looks pretty much like it should! I haven't put buttons on it yet, and on the button side of the jacket there's a hole where I didn't pick up a stitch in the right place or something when I made the collar... but all in all, not bad if I say so myself! I had to rip out a sleeve twice because the first time I picked up stitches wrong, but went online and watched a video on how to do it - which helped - and although I don't know how to really join pieces together, it all seems to have worked itself out. Anyway, I was very excited and wanted to share the excitement with my boys! I'm trying to get the photo on here but it's not working - I'll keep trying but if it doesn't work, check out my myspace page and I'll put it there :)



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kyle - regarding the photos - try attaching them to your posting - you can add on if you edit your initial post.

I'm thinking of a "baby" sweater for XMAS present -one of my great niece's will by just a year old... she's on the lower curve of the bell for size, so a "year old" sweatrer should last her the winter.

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HA HA Kyle!

You now have a whole site to yourself!

Nice work, guy!

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Kyle, don't feal bad. I am in the same prediacament. I think I undid the arms in a cardigan I am making for my niece about 3 or 4 times. So I know what you are going through. I finally got it right and I am well on my way to a completed cardigan. HAPPY KNITTING!