Thanks !

Thanks men for the support and caring I appreciate it! I kinda felt this website was this supportive. I have taken a picture of one of the shawls that I mentioned in the blog. I made this one first for my mother. After dad passed away this August I found the shaw I was so excited I almost lost it that mom kept it all these years. I made it about 1974 or 5. When I found it I immediately wrapped myself in it, almost feeling moms warmth.

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Hi David,
The shawl is a real beauty. I know how comforting it must have been to you when you wrapped yourself in it. I lost my dad 6 years best friend...and I have some things of his around that I often just pick up and hold and feel a wonderful connection. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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What a lovely shawl...I'm glad it has been loved throughout the years.

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