I got buttons.

Here's my sweater, finally done. I couldn't find the rhinestones. Actually finding buttons I liked was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I'm pleased with the ones my partner found, and they were cheap enough that I wouldn't cry if I found what I was searching for later on; buttons can always be redone, I figure.

Red Sweater is done!

Red Sweater is done!

Red Sweater is done!

If you want to read more about it, feel free to stop by my blog at

I also got around to patching the manshawl for a friend's father; I think I like it even more with the patches.



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They look fine! Very tasteful!
(...but I could create red rhinestones buttons for you....maybe for a special event?)

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Hosannas all around, Willy! The sweater looks so great buttoned properly. Wow, great, great job. I really like the whole double-breasted thing. I like it a lot. And the manshawl patches. The manshawl was beautiful before, but I've got to say that I think it's more beautiful now. And it's got a bit of a story now too. Bravo on both.

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The buttons make the sweater very handsome.

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I absolutely love that sweater. You're so talented.

Well done, sir. Well done. You've got skillz. :-)

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That's a fine looking sweater Sir.

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Ditto that and it looks fine on you!

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Absolutely gorgeous! And I really like those buttons on it

Dear Willy, This is my first time on this awsome site! Wow, what a great sweater, fella! AND a new relationship--may neither ever unravel! I live in Hudson, NY and have been to the yarn festival at Clermont Historic Site; have you ever been? It's not as large as Rhinebeck, but the site is one of the most beautiful spots on the entire river. Anyhow, congrats again on all the "newness"!! George

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Thanks for the lovin, George. I haven't been to the Clermont festival; it's hard to make it out that far, but it sounds lovely! My partner and I really enjoyed the drive up along the Hudson; it's kinda got a special place in my heart. Welcome to MWK, and happy knitting!

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I just knew the ones you picked would be perfect. Great looking sweater.

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That sweater is awesome. I love the scarf too. The patches look like the scarf was originally designed that way.

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Thank you all! I'm pleased as punch that it turned out to everyone's liking. The "Yarn Harlot" described knitting as a sort of magic, and it still holds that kind of wonder for me. It's fun to remember when I dreamed up making a sweater, and then to look at the sweater I produced with my own hands... how I got from there to here still amazes me. My aunt used to crochet lovely afghans, and I always wished I could learn to work that kind of magic; now, in my own way, I do. It's a very nice feeling.

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Terrific work.

By the way, from the arts administration view of things, I learned from several artists, designers and makers of stuff...

Once could be a mistake, repaired. Twice could be laziness. Three times...artistic statement.

I agree...the patches look organic and well crafted...I vote for "Shudda been there, always wuz."

The buttons are also well planned.

But the wearer...welll...hmmmnnn...uhhhhh...oh Jeez, look at the time. Gotta go!

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What a great cardigan! I like the buttons you chose - much nicer than the baby deer antlers that you normally see. I often change buttons on things. There's a good button shop for ideas: http://tenderbuttons-nyc.com/, though they can run expensive. Keep up the inspiring work!

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Good lookin' cardigan.