Antique Knitted Lace

I am in total awe of this piece of knitting. It was made my German/Swiss grandmother's sister in the 1930's. What is amazing is the size of the is probably finer than size 40 crochet cotton.
I don't think that my hands or eyes would ever be capable of attempting this !

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This is gorgeous! I've only attempted this kind of knitting just once.

I'm amaze by the knits of yore that were produced by such deft hands. I love it when I see an old picture of a housewife making doilies at home and making a house a home. The 40's and 50's in particular were a time long since gone.

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That is a gorgeous piece of lace. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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I've been attracted to doilies lately. Maybe cuz I'm currently living in a 1850's old farm house. Great work you're pushing me to attempt more lace.

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One can never have enough anti-maccassars on hand! Who says hair product is new?

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