Large size Mittens, Fingerless Gloves, Socks

Hello all,

So I'm trying to find patterns for larger sized mittens, gloves, socks, etc. The ones that I have made in the past say large but they end up being very tight on me and I don't consider myself to have large hands or feet. Does anyone have any good patterns they could refer me to? Or is there a simple way to convert a pattern so that the item is larger? I'm still pretty new so any help would be appreciated.



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I have lots of mens mitten and fingerless gloves patterns. Try measuring across your knuckles. And then figure out the gauge. That's what I have to do.
You might have to use larger needles.

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To make anything in a larger size, all you need to do is use a heavier yarn and a larger needle. How much larger depends on YOU. Do your gauge swatch! That is the only way.

If items become too small, I would venture to say you may be knitting too tightly. I certainly did. Have you checked your gauge? While we all tend to overlook it, and for scarves and the like it doesn't matter much, but for items that need to fit, gauge is critical! That is, you MUST have the same number of stitches and rows as the pattern designer got if you expect to get the same size. I always went up 2-3 needle sizes than the pattern said because I knew I was a tight knitter. I've since learned to loosen up a bit, but I still tend to go up a needle size. Remember that the pattern is only a guide, not a law book!

Therefore, it only stands to reason that if you use a larger needle, you will make something larger than before. If the yarn then is too fine for that item, use a thicker yarn. Sometimes we will double the yarn to make it thicker (or one thick and one fine).

You can of course add a few stitches, but you also need to add a few rows too. Sometimes this involves just way too much math! But it really is the only way to knit if you want something to fit, since we all are slightly different shapes and sizes than "normal".

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Try "The knitter's handy book of patterns : basic designs in multiple sizes & gauges" by Ann Budd. I got it from my local public library. If your library doesn't have it ask your librarian about inter-library loan. It's all in there. I'm somewhat phobic about patterns but I found her instructions very easy to follow. Good luck with your project...

Hello guys, just stopped to grab a link to your site for a guy friend and saw this posting.
Here's a link to the Sock-U-Lator, a pattern generator that does any size sock you want. You just enter your gauge and shoe size of the person you're knitting for. (You can also do custom measurements for really odd sizes.) I've used this pattern many times and made many different sizes of sock. All have been true to size and came out looking great. Good luck!
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