Finished the 17th Century Undershirt

I love the look of this shirt and was instantly attracted to it when I saw it in the Knitting Tradition magazine. I wanted to make it bigger then the pattern...Well I succeed in that. I made it to big for me which of course delighted my partner. It's to big for him but looks "comfy" instead of ridiculous. He doesn't care as long as he gets to something I made. I knitted a herringbone stitch at the bottom as a hem but realized it was pulling the yarn and making it pucker which turned it into a 17th Century Blouse. So I ripped it out and just kept w/ the original pattern. I'll have to make this again for me and next time I'll follow the directions.

In the last picture showing the back he's flipping the camera off w/ both hands. See the juvenile humor I live with. ;)

Here's the Ravelry Link:

17th Century Undershirt

17th Century Undershirt

17th Century Undershirt


"Inky" better behave himself ! You did a wonderful job....once again we learn by doing!

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Interesting design. I have a pair of socks I knit from a pattern by Jacqueline fee that recreates a sock from the 1600s.

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I like the shirt...thanks for drawing our attention to the design. I rarely look at the knitting mags. They bring on episodes of apoplexy with the dearth of garments for men. Yet, behold! You made a worthy sighting. I must learn to breathe deeply, turn a page, and follow your leadership by making this fine shirt. Should be a hit at Ty's, dontcha think?

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love the undershirt. i saw this simular in a period knitting mag

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I love it... it looks wonderfully comfortable, too!

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I like your shirt, loose and comfy.