The Cossacks Are Coming! The Cossacks Are Coming!

In my knitting re-enactments of exciting but destructive events in history, I am hard at work uncovering under-explored hand-knit garments and accoutrements of victors and victims. My latest...the Steppes of Asia. Mongol patterns are so hard to find!

Vicki Square's Folk Hats book is a well-developed resource...I will be dipping into it periodically for your entertainment, elevation and edification...oh, yeah...and to keep my head warm with another signature hat. I have now 14 hats...worn from my days as an events producer.

"Why so?", you may ask.

Cuz, when out-of-doors at a mile-long parade, or upon acres of fields devoted to a temporary festival or crafts fair, inevitably someone arrives, looking for the troublemaking King Asparagus of the event.

Rather than respond with a shrug and a doleful "Oh, he's out-of-season.", the responder would helpfully offer, "Look for the guy with the hat!"

Thanks to John F. Kennedy, no one wore hats anymore. But I did...and now, am found!

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it's hard to tell whether that's knit or crochet...but it's very YOU!

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Knit, on Size 10's, with black Filatura Di Crosa's Ricciolo, and S. Charles' Pasha in camel, doubled up to Bulky size. The mohair is long so the tufts look more like a young fleece as opposed to, say, Persian Lamb, in tight curls. I have seen both, liked the former rather than the latter.

Me, huh? I fit right in to the Little Moscow where I shop here in Brooklyn. Da!

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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That is definitely quite a hat. I'm also known for my varied headwear. Mainly, though, I go with my tried and true watch cap - I've several versions of a pattern I learned many years ago.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.


love hats myself. fedora's still favorite with me. I bet lately with all the weather over there that hat came in handy!

You big hairy Mongol !!!! Have you hoard lately ???

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This hoard's reward is mainly by the whored.

I think you got it! I think you got it!

(hums gently to himself considering the next conquest...)

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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That's a great hat and in my mind's eye I can see you wear it.

A pillage worthy headpiece. My hat's off to you. (pun intended)

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Good work Mark, bring back hats for men.

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Nice work, NYB.

I hope you have a blog so we can read more detailed accounts of your work and viewpoints re: knitted (or otherwise) textiles of the past. I am also interested in historical knitwear. (Gunnister finds, Eleanora's hose etc. etc. and so on.)


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I like knitting with historical roots and hysterical purpose...demographism, as it were, where the diagnosis is written with red purl welts all over the front of the garment...LOL

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.