Knit/Crochet Meetup at Yosemite, Memorial Day Weekend?

Any of you planning to be in Yosemite National Park during Memorial Day Weekend? Yosemite, it turns out, is an awesome place to knit. (I blogged about it here.)

If you like fireplaces, they have a ton of them...the cozy intimacy of the fireplace at Curry Village Lounge, the art deco Nordic fireplace at the Mountain Room, the gigantic fireplaces (two of them) at Ahwahnee Hotel...all of them with very comfy couches for your knitting pleasure. Of course, knitting under the stars in front of a campfire is nice too.

Last time I was there, I met a couple of knitters, one of whom (a gentleman, at that) is on the staff at Curry Village. Lace/afghan knitter type, very nice guy.

I'll be at Yosemite from Friday night to Wednesday morning on Memorial Day Weekend. Hit me up if you want to meet and do some knitting. (Or hiking. Or waterfall-gazing. Or bear-spotting. Etc.)


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I enjoyed reading your blog!

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Thanks for visiting, Bill! Glad you liked it.