Here is some pics of my afghan I put together this winter. I bought the yarn when I was visiting in Indy. They had after Christmas sales. I bought a few skeins per store. I think there were like three of them, that I hit when I was there.
They are all Rowen 100 % merino wool accept for a few blocks that were some rare wool from England. Not sure but it was really nubby. They are all chunky I used size 15 needle. This is very warm too. A bit on the heavy side( didn't know wool could be that heavy.) I stitched the blocks together with some worsted weight wool. Then I crochet the edges. For the most part with impromptu work it came out pretty nice. And on cold days its very warm.

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Very nice work. given the colder Spring you're having in the Midwest, you probably are glad it is so snuggly.

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