a couple completed projects

here are 2 of me finished projects
Both are 1st trys at that item style

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Great job on the socks and gloves! I especially love the cabling on the socks. Great symmetry. Also great that you're taking on projects that stretch your skills.

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Wow! I so admire men who can knit socks. I haven't done it yet other than a HUGE one that hangs on my bulletin board...we use it for Christmas overflow! I really like the pattern that you used. Is it somewhere online? Very well done!

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Thanks for the compliment,

The Cable pattern came from here:
The original used the cable as an accent,
I repeated it for both sides of the sock

The Sock pattern came from:
Sock Wizard V2.0.4 Jan30 2008
Copyright 2001-2008 KnittingSoftware Inc.
their website is no longer functioning,
It is a shame, because the program works great.

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Thanks for the information. I just did a quick check on the Internet and the software is still available, but I am assuming the tech support on it is not if you say their site is no longer functioning.

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I'd like to credit my bicycle for that lesson...
"Know your limits... Test them regularly"

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great job! where did you get the glove pattern?

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No pattern was used,
I'll try and write one up over the next week or so...

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Wow! Really superb! Beautiful work and solid craftsmanship. Well done!


Those are great! Love the way how they match!