Brethren by Millard Fontenot Finished

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This is the Pattern by Millard Fontenot that benefits the Mens Knitting Retreats Scholarship fund.
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AKQGuy's picture

I've bought the pattern but have yet to make them. Your's are rather handsome and springish in that lovely shade of Kelly green.

Tom Hart's picture

Wow! Utterly and completely awesome, Andy! Beautiful job. Perfect color. Really inspiring...

Bill's picture

They turned out beautifully!!!

CLABBERS's picture

Beautiful pattern, Andy...and just in time for St. Patty's Day.

Crafty Andy's picture

Thank You all. The pattern is very easy to follow, I had to modify the toe section a little as I was using two strands of yarn. The heel feels fantastic.

JRob's picture

Andy - Spectacular. Love um.


New York Built's picture

What a great combination of simple lines becoming complex figures, dissolving into blocks. The color speaks black or beige or white, this awesome design would be lost in the sauce. To my eye, you prove those colors are not always the safest choice. Great job!

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VillageKnittiot's picture

I love the Wollmeise! I love the pattern! I love the designer too!

I ripped out my second sock and am restarting it, I had a sloppy cable cross and it was driving me CRAZY! Luckily I was only on row 34. Hopefully I can get mine done before the end of the week.

Yours look AWESOME! The green wollemise really shows off the cable-work nicely.

See you at MFKR!


Crafty Andy's picture

I feel your pain. I had to undo some Rounds because I did one cable wrong and I did not catch it until the repeat of the same cable, lol. SO I went back and ripped until the mistake. I was not happy, but I was more happy when I finished the cable in the right place and did another round.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

I'm glad you enjoyed knitting the socks as much as I did. Your version looks fantastic.

I had a few false starts until I got a gauge that worked for me but it is a great design. I send Blessings to Mill everytime I look at the pattern or my socks, thanks to his kindness in designing them to benefit the retreats.

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SAPBrown's picture

Beautiful design,
I really like the way the cables intermingle into braids.
Your work is impressive, (the few pieces I've seen posted)
Anywhere to see more of your finished projects?

Crafty Andy's picture

You can find more of my stuff at and I am craftyandy on Ravelry as well. I am always busy and looking to learn new techniques. I do like this pattern a lot and I am hoping on making two or 3 pairs. I have made myself a self imposed Pair of Socks Month Club lol, seriously!

Cris's picture

Awesome socks. Where was the pattern from? I am almost finished my first pair of socks. Very plain, but they are loved. I will post a picture later.


Crafty Andy's picture

this is the link for the pattern just copy and paste, is a for sale pattern at

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Andy, I've already told you, but I'm in LOVE with your socks! You did my pattern good, mijo! The green color is amazeballs! Here is a direct link to the pattern if anyone else is interested.

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Those socks are gorgeous. I think that color of green is incredible and is just perfect for this pattern.