The Gift Of Potential

Everyone loves getting presents but as a fiber artist, I’ve discovered a world of gifts that I never imagined. These are the gifts of potential.

My dear friend Martha gave me some yarn from Cephalopod Yarns, a site I’d been drooling over. The colorway was Jade Turbo Snail in Skinny Bugga. Martha did her research. The earthen greens mingled with rich browns were completely and totally me. The merino and cashmere blended together to make my fingers swoon.

I suppose there’s people out there who might be irritated to get a gift that meant hours of work. Instead of work, though, Martha gave me hours of excitement.

After spending some time carrying around the yarn in my bag, showing it to others and taking it out for the occasional snuggle, the first step was deciding what to do with this precious yarn. Something spectacular would be required.

I began to peruse ravelry for just the right pattern. I finally decided upon the Daybreak Shawl, a creation of Stephen West. This would, however, require more yarn in a contrasting color. So, a trip to The Loopy Ewe in Ft. Collins was arranged.

My sweetheart and I made a day of it. We visited a couple of the local stores and then made our way to see what has to be one of the most comprehensive collections of fingering weight yarn I have experienced. I was overwhelmed with the selection. I whittled my choices down to four or five skeins and finally settled on a kettle dyed copper in a matching fiber.

I cast on and watched Martha’s gift begin to emerge into something spectacular. The shawl knit up beautifully and the entire time was spent in gratitude. Not only did Martha give me yarn. She gave me weeks spent creating something that I will wear with joy and pride.

Thank you Martha!


Crafty Andy's picture

Daybreak was a great choice.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

You describe the joys of receiving a gift and the journey finding out what to make of it very well. Thanks for sharing.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

HuskerChub's picture

Just like a posting on a porn site, this post is completely useless without pics! And before anyone clutches his purls and gasp "porn! did he say porn! for shame" yes I said porn after all the post did contain explicit talk of SEX, Stash Enhancing Experiences.

Cris's picture

What a hoot! I gotta see this. I could see and smell that yarn. I was excited for you. Let's see what you made!


Bill's picture

I'm assuming the big shawl in your avatar is the finished product made from that yarn....

knittingman's picture

I must confess- I can't post a picture yet since I haven't blocked the project! Soon...

Perhaps my next blog should be called "Knitters Block". It will be a discussion of that weird moment when I'm so excited to have a finished object but I am completely appalled at the prospect of blocking the damn thing.

TheKnittingMill's picture

I love Skinny Bugga!!! Cephalopod's colors are amazing. I can certainly empathize with your wonderful sentiments.

AKQGuy's picture

Yeah, you just gave me potential to go to Cephalopod Yarns and spend money... Thanks! I happily just bought some spinning fiber and yarns for my stash.

KjoyPsorrow's picture

I'm looking forward to seeing the Daybreak shawl. Stephen West has some great patterns.