Earth and Sky

Here are some photos of the man-shawl I just finished last week -- Earth & Sky by Stephen West. Knitted up on size 6 circulars with DK weight Shepherd's Wool (Seabreeze, Frosty Blue, and White).

I really loved working on this project. It was my first venture into intarsia. The only thing that really was a pain was the 450+ stitch count per row towards the end. I'd get exhausted after just one or two rows of knitting.

With the left over yarn I have begun a pair of fingerless mitts. Thanks to Jenni, Terri and Catherine at the Twisted Loop Yarn Shop, it will be my first project knitted using the magic loop. I am going to be so sad to leave Minnesota and that yarn shop behind in just a few short months. My knitting has really flourished here. But I'll take what I've learned where'er I go.

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Ian, that's handsome!

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Ian, you look mighty dapper in that shawl. That's a lot of knitting. I know what you mean about getting tired with such large rows. I am making a sweater now that has 393/round (circular US7). I have made several smaller projects now and then just to get something started and then finished. Then back to the seems endless. Persistence, however, pays off in the end. I am very impressed that you blocked it with such perfectly straight sides. How did you do that?

The color choices are perfect. Well done...most definitely a labor of love.


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That is a marvelous bit of knitting. It looks very nice on you, as well. Congratulations.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Lovely even knitting Ian and it looks good on you. Best wishes for a Happy Easter.

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You did a wonderful job with that shawl and it's colors look great on you as well. great work. I hope you find many more great knitting shops on your life's travels and keep in touch with the friends you have made there in Minnesota.

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Great piece of knitting! Love the colors and it looks good on you!