My first knitting project still working on it

Had to share. Not done with it but wanted to see what y'all thought.....
It will only attach one of the pics hope y'all can see it well enough

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That's your FIRST knitting project??? I thinks it's stupendous! I've been knitting many years, and haven't attempted that yet. Applause!!!

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Richard, is that entrelac?
...bit hard to tell because of the variegated yarn.
That's an impressive piece!

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Entrelac for your first project is very impressive! I also like the colorway. Well done!


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Yes it is entrelac. Thanks for the comments

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This really is nice, great work. Very impressive for a first project!!!!!

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Wow! Pretty ambitious for a first project! Looks really great!


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Very nice work. Congratulations.

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An ambitious start for your first project and it looks to be going very well. I like the colours in your yarn.

Very cool start! Who taught you?

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I taught myself.

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I'd say you've definitely got a gift for this craft, if this is your first project and you taught yourself. Keep going!

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Hoo-wah! Done like a man!

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Entrelac for your first project?! I'm impressed.

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Entrelac, Loving that you're so courageous, for your first time! Very Nice!


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Awesome job! Congrats!

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I'm impressed too! Great first Job. Entrelac! Zoikes!