My latest Project

As I live in a warm climate I don't do a great deal of knitting these days other than bits for charity. Here is my latest rug. I cast on 361 sts, mark the 181 st with a safety pin and knit to two sts before the pin, knit these two sts together, knit the marked st and knit the next two sts tbl and knit to end. Knit next row to marked sts, pearl that sts, knit to end and repeat until there are three sts left then knit these together.

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WOW! ...that's delightful and very cheerful!

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I agree with Bill. It's a beautiful burst of color and cheer.

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Yes, I really like it. What a great pattern. Could easily be made as a throw/blanket as well. Thanks for sharing!

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What a nice knit and so colourful!

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That is a great project. Thanks for sharing.

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I absolutely am now captivated by the concept of color blocking in knitting. Great job.

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Thank you everyone for your comments. These throws go to charity for the homeless and are very much appreciated.


with summer (hopefully) approaching here, I need to work up a throw. My present throw is great for cold winters but its 100 % wool. I found some really nice bamboo wool mix that might fit. Its very light dk weight I am going to try your pattern provided its not copy right. I love the colors. Mine hopefully will be in blues and shades of greens.

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Pattern is not copyright so go for it. I made it up from one similar that my sister had. I have just started another, this time twice as large. Will take a few weeks to finish and will post it when its done.

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Simple and nice looking. Good combination.

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