Gift for Aphrodite

Hey guys. I'm a new member here and I wonder if you guys can point me in the right direction. I am looking to make a shawl in ocean/water colors as a tribute to Aphrodite, Goddess of the sea, love, beauty, and sexuality. I've been trolling through Ravelry with moderate success and I'm hoping someone here can point me to that one pattern that makes me go "Ah-ha!"


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Welcome to the group. There is a pattern that my friend knit called Sea Kelp that might work for you. However, I'm uncertain if it was a design he found through Ravelry, or if it's a personal design. If you type that name into the search engine on Ravelry, it may pop up.

ETA: Got the name wrong...It's Kelp Grove and is found on Ravelry. I sent you a message about it there.

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I haven't made it myself, but I've always liked this one called Turbulent Indigo...

It's beautiful, oceanic, and the reference to Joni Mitchell gets it automatic bonus points!

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Thanks for the tips guys. I have lots of time to make this so not sure when I'll start. I appreciate the advice!


Have you tried Stephen West site? I don't have off hand the site urls but if you simply do a google search you should be able to find it. He has some pretty interesting mens shawls and shrugs. I downloaded one its rather a cowl and scarf together. He appears to be a intermediate to experienced designer. However I am going to give it a try this summer when things are quiet(after gardening and etc)

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Stephen West's creations are impressive, well worth the look

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Love Stephen West's designs. I'll look again at his patterns but I'm not looking for a men's design that I can wear since this will be a gift to Her.

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Have you had a look at Kieran Foley's designs on Ravelry, particularly High Seas?

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Oh that's lovely too. I'm not sure rectangular is what I'm looking for for this one but I will keep it on my list for the future. Thank you!

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This’ll certainly be news to Poseidon, and no mistake! But he won’t hear about it from me. Oh no. After reading about Odysseus and the issues he had with Poseidon, you couldn’t pay me to bother that immortal....:0)

PS Good luck with the project and welcome to the group. What amazing suggestions have been offered!

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LOL.... perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully. Foam born is more appropriate but I would like the colors to be in the sea blue range, and perhaps waves in the design

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Ahh, a shawl for the Goddess "from" the Sea. I get it now. It's a beautiful idea... I'll be interested to see how this project turns out. All the best with it!

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This has always been a beautiful shawl to me and again has a sea going name but it has always made me think of the glass Japanese fishing floats that used to wash upon the shores back home.

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OMG this is beautiful. It could be used as either a shawl or an altar cloth for Aphrodite as needed. And it reminds me of some of the small circular nets my dad used in Newfoundland for fishing. Might have a winner here! Thank you!

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Your welcome. If you do it we need pictures! Well, we need pics of whatever pattern you choose.

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Aestus, don't assume that the social knitting sites like Ravelry have the best or largest selection of patterns or ideas. The trend is moving against them.

Increasingly, websites for the manufacturers are devoting memory space on their servers for third party designs using their yarn.

Hiring in-house designers is expensive and difficult to market directly.

Social sites will never stop jumping to the latest glittering generality. The number of them grows daily, fracturing the number of eyes for advertisers, making lots of information and little knowledge, and narrowing the audience for each.

If you click on the plus sign above, a list of over 490, and growing in number, social sites are there. "Choose one," often fails with complexity. Many people ignore all.

Independents are discovering how their business is truly "dependent" on fickle and manipulated Google heuristics, or buried in so called "maker direct marketer" sites like Etsy, or bald-faced forced on members by social site advertising.

Online reputations can be created and destroyed in one or two clicks by benevolent or malicious people. What to do?

The manufacturers are quickly discovering how to reliably direct traffic to their yarn with little directing you to a designer. Like pie crusts, these linkages are easily made, and easily broken, if needed.

Have will probably find tons not on Ravelry.

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Welcome Aestus.
I found this scarf and depending on your color choices, it would look like waves--sort of. It's a Two colour Brioche Stitch Scarf. It's supposed to depict flames, but I see waves in it as well.
I have not made this scarf. It's not as delicate and sensuous as the one Ken recommended.