Socks: take 2

Getting ready to start my 2nd pair of socks.
Picked up some really nice sock yarn
2 balls of Deborah Norville - Serenity collection
50%merino 25%bamboo 25%nylon
The thin size intimidates me, needed new dpn's for this one
Asked, Answered, Found and Ground! (yes more homemade needles)
These are smaller than US1's but not quite 0's (are there 0.75's?)
I did pick up a couple of cheap Gala balls ($1each at Big-Lots) to practice and get use to the smaller size, before using the wool blend

P.S. If anyone is interested
First person to guess what my new DPN's are made from, and I'll send you a set of 6 (I like spares)

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Please, please, please...I hope they are NOT bicycle spokes.

Spokes are nortoriously plated with cadmium...a pervnicious, poisonous metal to most living things. Avoid at all costs!


Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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Wow you are quick,
Yes they were spokes (busted, ... tossed out)
It is a shame, they were stiff, smooth, and cheap; but health is far more important.
I thought Cadmium, as most heavy metals, would be regulated after the toxicity of NiCad batteries was documented.

Contest over. (no winner, just one now informed loser)

As always,
Thanks for the info

Wow! Thanks for the info. Yesterday as I was replacing my back tire and inner-tube I was thinking of doing just the same when my next spokes broke. By the way, did you know that the Russian word for spokes and knitting needles is identical?

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There those Russians go up to the the name of their ethno-linguistic roots - slavo (Slavs) = those who speak meaningfully!

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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That is an unsettling piece of news. I seem to remember reading and seeing a picture of South American Indian men in the Andes knitting with bicycle spokes. There is some personal article (I think it’s a hat) that they consider to be "too" personal for a woman to knit for a man so they make this thing themselves and they teach their sons (when they are old enough) to make them as well. A boy’s first hats are all knit by his father. They like it to be very tightly knit to deal with the high-altitude weather and thus the spokes. I hope theirs are clean...

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Hey Steven,
I'm surprised that bicycle spokes have such toxic a toxic metal in it. Sheesh! What are we presenting to our children and athletes?!

Good luck with the tiny yarn and needles. I have US0 and US1 I am learning to manipulate to my satisfaction as well. I know there is a pair of socks in that damn, lighter-than-air yarn!

Keep us posted on your progress.


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I am not surprised, just saddened. Regulations and legislation often emerge, not from intelligent science or logical mentality, but from other forces. Do a web search on gun deaths v car deaths to see what I mean. Education is usually the missing link, in my humble opinion.

Along with not wearing jewelry, I keep pocket change enclosed, avoid certain compounds and materials, hobbies and activities. I know my limits and exposure risks to heavy metals, due to severe contact dermatitis to these elements.

A micro-thin 22-carat wedding ring has left a permanent physical accompany the psychic one after divorce...LOL

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.