Hi - I've been so swamped in work for several months that knitting had really fallen by the wayside. Now I'm deciding which laid-aside project to finish first.

In an attempt to delay that decision, I knit some acrylic swatches for our local yarn-bombing group. This Saturday we're going to do a tree in Taksim Park, a rare pocket of green space in the very cement-bound center of Istanbul. It's been the object of developer greed for years but laws prevented them from touching it. Now they've found a loophole (to rebuild a building that was torn down in the 1940s in the name of historic "preservation," but it will really be just a big shopping center). The fact that the developing companies have ties with the prime minister have a lot to do with it of course.

The Turkish on the blue and black piece is `AĞAÇ = HAYAT`, or "Trees = Life."

Now it's back to the three socks asking to be finished!

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Good to hear from you, Bob. I feel for the greenery...corporate greed - and cronyism - is becoming a bane of our modern world. Good to know that the people are protesting in some way.

Hope the waiting socks turn out well.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Alas, cronyism is more or less "the way things work" here, for both positive and negative things. The other big thing on their "hit list" now is the 100 year-old Emek Cinema. It's in an old building that they also want to gut and turn into a big shopping center. On Sunday there was a protest there and police came in with tear gas and water cannons. A bit of overkill...

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How sad.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.